Bww Interviews: Musical Director Rick Rea On Utah Rep’s Rent

To me, RENT, in spite of all its imperfections, has a proprietary flavor that no show has had since, and certainly was in no show before it. There is a feeling when you watch RENT, a certain emotional experience that is distinctly RENT. It happens in moments where pain is expressed in beautiful ways that are universal to everyone in the audience, but sometimes it happens when you are simply watching two guys complain about my company how unfair it is that they can’t afford to pay the rent because they refuse to “sell out” and get a job to support themselves. Even in the moments where I (and others) disagree with characters in RENT, the writing and the music has a way of “selling you.” That is what the best writing does. Sometimes it’s simply the right orchestration. Or a simple lyric from Jonathan Larson stated in an off-beat, brilliant way no one could have ever said it.
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Rent My Vacation Home Gets 2.5 Million from New Investors

Rent My Vacation will be going up against several Giants such as HomeAway, VRBO and Air B&B. Rent My Vacation now has 115 offices along with 115 websites totaling over 115,000 homes. The network has every home listed on all the sites. The homes are easily searched from any of the 115 sites.
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The myth of NYC rent control

They also argue that it makes finding an apartment much harder for those who are living in unregulated accommodation because few people wish to leave a rent stabilized property, even if it is inappropriate for their family situation, so the property market stagnates. Adam Davison, of NPRs Planet Money (an excellent podcast which I highly recommend, even for those who have little grounding in economics), believes that rent control will die out in New York over the next few years robbing Manhattan of the very diversity so many of us celebrate. But just as Manhattan looks set to drop its rent controls, Britain is looking to them as a potential answer to housing issues in London. My generation, after all, has been told to expect to rent rather than buy property and tenants need more protection here than they currently have. The Guardians Patrick Collinson recently suggested that rent control could be the answer to the UKs housing crisis though he notes that the term was conspicously absent from a recent House of Commons Select Committee report on the private rented sector. So should the UK look to New York for housing inspiration?
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