Nation’s Largest Electric Car Rental Fleet Launches In Orlando

There are 300 free public charging stations in Orlando. The public-private rental vehicle partnership targeting the nations top maryland property management companies tourist destination is the only one of its kind. Other key partners include travel agencies, Travelocity, the Orange County government, Orlando Convention Center, the Orlando Utility Commission, Enterprise, GM and Nissan, who is providing the initial fleet of 15 Nissan Leaf. While the three major theme parks are plugging into the program, the biggest charge came from the 30 partner hotels. Not only will most of the partner hotels charge your EV rental for free, theyll valet it, and charge it up overnight so its ready for you the next day. All the renter has to do is drive.
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RENTAL RATES: Low inventory likely to cost Twin Cities tenants

This quarter, the average cost of rent in the Twin Cities is $979 — a rate that’s up 9 percent from three years ago. As demand soars, so can the sum landlords can charge. “There’s no cap on rental increase in Minnesota,” said Matt Eichenlaub, a housing attorney with Homeline, a non-profit tenant advocacy group. With landlords in the driver’s seat, negotiating rental price may be out of the question completely. “Some are willing to give a discount if you do work around the place, but it is a very difficult situation to negotiate in for a tenant right now,” Eichenlaub admitted.
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